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I laugh in a very unladylike fashion. ‘Prof, I think you have lost your mind somewhere on this beach, with the help of the weed. Should we go and look for it?’ I am astonished at what he just said.


 ‘Lilia, since the first moment I saw you walking across the park from my office window, your dress transparent from the rain, resembling every guy’s dream - a wet T-shirt contest, looking so helpless with your papers lying in the puddle, I knew I had to rescue you. I fell in lust with you on sight.’


‘Rescue me, my ass! I didn’t need rescuing! I can take care of myself!’ I reply a bit too heatedly. This guy pushes my buttons but I like the lust part. Lust is good in its place. It only leads to trouble though and is not worth much. He must be joking. Well I can do joking too. 'Lust? You helped me because of lust? Strange creature indeed.'


 ‘Cut, cut he yells. Everybody freeze! My fellow actress in this epic has lost the plot! This is the part where she says ‘yes oh yes take me I’m yours’’.


‘You wish - arrogant sir!’


This is too presumptuous even for me. Even as a joke. I still have my pride. Well, the little left over from this afternoon’s episode. I must have shown my porcupine spikes because Jonah moves his chair back and holds out his arms as to protect himself.


‘Wow, don't hurt me! We should work on your sense of humour Lilia, me thinks you lost it somewhere on this beach, maybe the same place I lost my mind! Kidding my dear, only kidding! Goodness, smoke some more weed quickly and lighten up. So I lust after you, is it that bad? Don’t be so serious.’


OK, so now I am upset that he was kidding. What the hell is wrong with me?

‘No more for me thanks it will only get me deeper into trouble.’



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