This is where the story continues and expands to include more characters


I turn my head away and huff. I sort of see his point but why should he be different?

'Cool, so I will continue while you build up steam. I realised that I was extremely relieved when she excused me from my familial duties, it was as if a great big weight was lifted off my shoulders. I realised then that I have been living, like so many people, with a foot in the first world, and the other foot in the third world. This enabled me, as it does to millions of people out there in the world, to choose our excuses for our daily actions because of culture, because we happen to be descended from a people who fought with spears and arrows and knives, who hunted for food and sacrificed animals, we want to do it now when it suits us, not because we need to do it to survive.  The men of today want to hunt but then drive back to luxury lodges in smart 4x4's, sit on their asses with their beer bellies, drink the best brandy while watching big screen TV and then feel like men.’ Saying this, it all sounds so shallow but rich guys do it every day and think they are really great doing it. Think it makes them men, but all they really are, are spoilt kids with more expensive pastimes. Expensive to them and the world around them.

‘When it suits them they want to be like these ancestors who suppressed and oppressed their womenfolk for centuries by keeping them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, the homestead or the fields. The men want to do it because it suits us, but we also want well spoken, well dressed sexy women who can hold their own in intellectual company. These ancestors who killed at the drop of a hat, who took as many wives as they wanted,' he smirks at this ' Who overpopulated and overused the earth. We want to do it when it suits us, but when the western laws prevent us from doing it we revert to our ancestry.

 Some do it because of their religious ancestry, not because they themselves are religious, no, but because they use their religion use make believe 'man made laws' to keep women and weaker men docile, and leave them – the men in charge - to do whatever they please. There are countless religions all over the world who are guilty of this, maybe all of them. They tell us to hate homosexual people, and now that I actually think about it and not just state what everyone expects me to say, it is atrocious that we interfere in what people do behind their bedroom doors. My wife tried for so long to introduce me to Wicca, she said it was open and good and they live by the saying 'Do what you may but harm no-one.'

I do not subscribe to any organised religion, nor do I subscribe to ancient culture or customs but that makes sense. I live in the Western World, I run a company, I make lots of money and live in a smart house, drive a smart car. I live responsibly and have one child only. I do not hunt, I am environmentally aware and will from now on try my best to become less of a carnivore but no promises. I also happen to be black, with a long history of barbaric acts, slavery and racial discrimination but that does not define me. I am a new man Rain; do you think I may be good enough for your high standards?'



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